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It is clear that Bloody Mary is our Best Seller… and with reason!
Although many of you are still wondering how exactly it works, or how we have to apply it. Here we explain EVERYTHING through your most frequently asked questions.
How does it work?
Bloody Mary is a tanning enhancer. Its function is to help you tan faster and longer, reducing sun exposure by up to 70%.
How do you tan?
Activate the production of melanin in your skin, thanks to its active ingredients.
Does it contain protection?
It does not have filters for UVB and UVA radiation, so it is important to apply sun protection on top. For this we have our protectors .
Does it dye the skin?
It is not a self-tanner, so it does not dye the skin, it just helps activate your own melanin.
Does it burn the skin?
Bloody Mary nourishes and hydrates the skin, but does not contain sunscreens, so if used during sun exposure with protection, you should not burn.
Which comes first, Bloody Mary or California Surfer?
We recommend applying Bloody Mary first and once the product has been absorbed (between 2 and 5 minutes) you can apply California Surfer sunscreen.
Can it be applied to the face?
Yeah! Although facial skin is more sensitive, we recommend using a small amount and higher protection.
Can it be used with any cream?
You can use it with other creams, although our Blacky Pack is foolproof for a super fast, intense and long-lasting tan. 100% insured.
How many times can it be worn?
As many times as you want, as long as you apply sun protection afterwards.
Can it be used pregnant/nursing?
It can be used pregnant or during breastfeeding without problem. Although in more conflictive cases, it is always best to consult with your doctor.
Can it be used for UVA rays?
You can use it with UVA rays, and we also recommend it for better results.
Tested on animals?
NO. Our laboratories formulate in Spain, testing on animals is prohibited throughout Europe.


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