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Why should you add sunscreen to your daily routine?
Everyone should use SPF in their daily lives (yes, you too) and today we give you the reasons.
The sun can cause medical and cosmetic problems, from skin cancer to spots and wrinkles.
The product that all doctors recommend, regardless of the problem, is… sunscreen.
We assume that we have to use sun protection when we expect to receive a lot of sun and heat (like on a beach day in the middle of summer), to avoid sunburn. But... why should we use sunscreen every day?
Solar radiation (UV rays) can cause:
1. Premature aging.
2. Skin spots or hyperpigmentation.
3. An increased risk of skin cancer.
Although we feel the sun stronger in summer, this ultraviolet radiation also penetrates through the clouds on gray days and is reflected on the white snow in winter. In addition, the damage it causes to our skin is cumulative (yes, mother's phrase "the skin has memory" is true). Therefore, we should not only protect ourselves on hot and beach days, but every day we are exposed (walking the dog, on the way to work...).
AH! And this goes for EVERYONE. For those who say “my skin doesn't burn” or “it's not necessary, I'm in the umbrella” and we include men and women.
Sunscreen is equally important for all skin tones, including those with more melanin. And for adequate sun protection, we recommend an SPF of at least 30.
Our Sun Spritz is ideal for 365 days a year: It hydrates the skin, keeps it super protected (SPF50+) and is not sticky at all. Also, when you start wearing short sleeves in spring, we recommend our California Surfer (SPF30) or Tropical Breeze (SPF50), they will leave your skin luminous, hydrated and, above all, protected.
When you find a sunscreen you like, it's much easier to add it to your daily routine, and your skin will thank you!


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