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How to prolong your tan this fall.
Do you have a wedding in site? Are you one of those who returns to the routine and is already whiter than snow? Do you want that “push” of confidence that tanned skin gives you for a date?
You don't need any reason if you want to look beautiful and tanned in the fall, so here are our team's tips to keep your tan all the fall.
1. If you have a tendency to tan quickly, be sure to stay in the sun during breaks at work; a coffee in the sun, a meal on the terrace, a walk after work... Of course, always carry a Bloody Mary Shot or Bloody Mary Travel with you to apply it during the day (always with your trusted sunscreen). Vitamin D and guaranteed tan.
2. If it is more difficult for you, you have the option of doing UVA rays once a week until you achieve your ideal tone. And YES, you can apply Bloody Mary and California Surfer in your UVA sessions and in 10 minutes you have it!
3. Hydration is a MUST to keep skin tanned and uniform for longer. Bloody Mary, in addition to activating melanin, nourishes and hydrates the skin, so you can use it every time you go out. But if you really want to extend your summer tan, our After Fun tan extender is the key.
4. Summer is ending, but the sun continues to rise even in winter. If you are one of those who open the season on the ski slopes, you have to know that the reflection of the snow can burn you , so SPF50+ protection on your face every day with our Sun Spritz . Protecting yourself doesn't mean you don't get tan, quite the contrary!
5. In addition to our products, you may be interested in knowing that foods rich in carotene and vitamins C and E help produce more melanin (the one responsible for your tan), such as kiwi, orange, raspberries, chard, whole grains, etc.
Don't let going back to school or work take away your tan!


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